Sunday, April 18, 2010

"I Woke Up Gay!" on book

This is my first published story. *o*
Special thanks to Miky for beta-ing and
Ken for the original photo I used for the cover.
My Lulu is HERE for those who are interested in grabbing one. :D


  1. wow, umma *O* ur first published book is looking super awesome. i'm so proud of u. :D can't wait for it to arrive in my hands. thank u so much. *huggles and smooches* ilu.

  2. omo, almost forgotten about zee lovable kaima who beta-ed. thanx for ur hard work. ^^ *massages her tired shoulders*

  3. *smoochies umma's baby* -3- yup, ur kaima deserves some kisses, too. hehe~