Friday, December 17, 2010

Crochet Cupcakes

What do you give someone who loves baking pastries...that is NOT a book? Something thoughtful and from the heart. How about cupcakes? :D Again...first attempt. I still need to go buy some cupcake holders and perhaps a box for them. These are all chocolate cupcakes with different toppings.

Lemon cream with chocolate drizzle.

Raspberry cream with chocolate and vanilla drizzles.

Vanilla cream with a fresh strawberry on top.

Toffee cream with coffee and vanilla sprinkles.

Mint cream with sugar flower on top.

Orange cream with a cherry on top.

Here's the half dozen all together. I hope she'll enjoy them. ^^

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crochet Lion

This was a request from Miky. She wanted me to make her a Kim Jaejoong lion thinking I'm some sort of a crochet genius or something. LOL~ So, I conjure up a way to make one. This was my first attempt at anything like this. XD What do you think?

Front view. (Kinda looks like a sunflower. XD)

Side view.

Back view. (Got to love the butt. XDDD)

Crochet Scarves

It is said that a scarf is much warmer when it's handmade. Am I right? *grins* I have a habit of making scarves for people as Christmas gifts. I remember I made over 30 of them one year (nearly one a night after work). I didn't feel my fingers for a week. XD This year, I have about 6 to tackle. :D I tried using all sorts of yarn and have to say...the baby ones are the best. They come out much softer and lighter in weight. Although, the yarn is harder to crochet...the outcome is worth the trouble. ^__^

A little girl wanted a purple one with a cherry on it...and so I made it happen. XD The one on the right is for my mom. I hope she'll like it. ^^