Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crochet Bunny & Duck of my readers wanted to see a picture of a bunny next to a duck. :D This is my first attempt at both. Hehe~

I used the pattern from HERE.

I used the Spanish pattern from HERE. Mine is slightly different, and I added a blue shirt. XD

Together...Yoochunnie bunny and Susu duck. :D Ignore my messy desk in the background. LOL

The pink yarn was so thin...the bunneh came out so much smaller. Aigoo...


  1. babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~ its soooo preciousssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! lots and lots of love for u!!! for being amazing ;) now gonna right-click and save pic as XDDDD <3333333333333333

  2. @asuka2507...i'm glad u like. XDDD i really didn't know what i was doing, since one of the patterns was in spanish. even with the translator on...i was lost. lol

  3. cuteee ducky ~~~~ hun u really skill full neee

  4. i love the bunny!!! it's soooooooooo cute!!!! and the bunny is nice too!

  5. aw, i smurf zee lil kamo~ it's SO cute. *squishies ducky* does it have a tail? :D the bunneh is so adorable too. gotta luv his blue shirt and big ears. (kinda reminds me of min but butt min is a giraffe. XD)

    *huggles umma* imuuu ♥

  6. @yufen18...hehe~ u are skillful as well. ^^ appears that you really love the bunny. XD

    @espressoluv...the tail is nothing compared to su's. lol that's not min. it's su...since purple is susu's favorite color. haha~ i'm gonna make a jae, ho, min and chun bunneh as well. *grins* bunneh-shin-ki with its very own fan club...bunneh-siopeia. XDDD

  7. OMG. They're so cute!
    I love the bunny color it makes me go @__@.

  8. Cute to the max, the bunny is extremely cute--haha why is duck!Su naked xDD

  9. @ joy_twinz...thanx, dear. hehe~


    @ting5...i was thinking the same. haha~ perhaps i should add a red cape on him. XD is cuter nekid.