Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crochet 'O' Jung Ban Hap Changmin

This is made for a secret someone as a Christmas present. I really hope she'll like it. (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Reference pic.

His hair was originally light brown in the MV, but I made it dark brown instead. XD The dreadlocks surprisingly came out the way I wanted it. *ish happy*

Left. It was so hard to see his outfit because the MV was flashing so fast. LOL! Anyways, I did the best I could. It was great fun.

Right. I purposely made his pants dark gray rather than black. This way, the boots would be more visible. *grins*

Back. His hair is all over my floor atm. I got too excited cutting it. Haha~

Side. I wanted to show that white stripe on his belt. Doesn't his hair kind of look like Sonic the Hedgehog? *laugh*

Sit...well...almost sit. =P Yes, the bottom of his boots are white.


  1. ooh, his hair has highlights. so freakin cool. :DD luv the outfit and the dreadlocks. really looks like min in the mv. *smooches umma & ur fingers* <3 :D

    i want T-T

  3. @baby...those are the strands of yarn i used to tie the ends of his dreadlocks, not highlights. XD *smoochies* <3 u lotz!


    @unnie...*grins* 4ever biased. hehe~

  4. I effing love his blush >">
    you're thinking of something inappropriate rite Minnie ;P