Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crochet 'In Heaven' Jaejoong

I finally felt like finishing this doll today, and so here he is. :D (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Reference pic.

#1 Front. This is the first time I'm trying the tight pants. It's so perfect with boots. :D

Right. Have to say, I'm really happy with his hair. I practically panicked when I saw the picture. XD

Left. Doesn't he look like he's soaring at this angle? Haha~

Back. I think I overdid the ruffling. LOL!

Now, all I have to do is make Junsu and JYJ will be complete. :D

#2 Special order by helcha72.


  1. Hello
    so cute!
    In addition, please introduce a pretty work~

    1. hello. aww...thank u and yes, i'm currently working on more dolls. ^^