Monday, February 20, 2012

Crochet 'Sherlock Holmes' Benedict (Special Order)

I've been putting off finishing this doll. =P But YES, he's finally completed. Despite the challenges, I had lots of fun making him. (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. First of all, attempting to make his hair curly was the biggest obstacle ever. I had to braid the strands by pairs throughout his entire head, then undo the braiding after his outfit was finished. That took forever. *flails* Luckily, his hair wasn't too hard to cut. Hehe...

Left. Somehow the size of his head makes him look shorter than he really is. XD Trust me, those legs are long underneath all that clothing.

Right. I'm really happy with how his jacket and scarf came out. ^^

Back. Oops...I didn't shift the jacket correctly. Looks kinda off-centered, but I'm too lazy fix it and retake the picture. LOL!

Side. There is actually an extra fold on the cuff of his jacket, but my camera fails to capture it. >.<


  1. Wow! Sherlock so berry berry nice. Beyond mucho likey! Face remind me of your Min (maybe cause Min is so smart and tall too). d(•ˆ⌣ˆ•)b

    Oh I love the outfit. Don't worry, the off center part, Mr. W can help him take it off and fix that. So where's his partner? XDD

  2. Okay that looks just like him. ::::grins:::: Heh..... He is adorable. Neko approves too. She just looked over my shoulder and mewed.

  3. that u could comment, u go all out. XD actually, he has yun's face and min's height. his outfit took forever, but it's nothing compared to braiding his hair. D: yeah, i'm planning on making john. might take awhile. i think someone wants to buy the pair. will have to see. hehe~

    @unnie...u think so? *pets neko* :D

  4. aww, sherlock looks really fine. :D although me never watch this show before.. XD oh, i agree with kaima. he does look like min with the handsome face and height. hehe. his hair is win~ and omg, i super luv his outfit. the fluffy scarf and his jacket. it somehow reminds me ofthe trench coat castiel wears in spn. XD so naisu.

    *smooches umma* luv luv. -3-

  5. @Cora...thank you. ;D

    @baby...ur endless love for min shows. XD his jacket took forever to make. i fear having to redo it. lol. ooh...castiel ish win. *smoochies* lub chu~ <33333