Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crochet Chicken

This was a request from Ren. I made this without a pattern. Hope you like it, Ren Bunneh. Does it even look like a chicken? If not, blame it on my headache. XDDD

She wanted me to make it according to these drawings.

Front view. Um...I tried. LOL!

Left view. I'm happy the buttons I bought could finally be used. ^^

Right view.

Back view.


  1. HAHAHAAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! I WANT HIM!

  2. ooh. the front view. XDD chickie is like begging for a kiss. XD hehe, he is SO cute. <3 umma, i luv all ur fluffy crochet animals. :DDD

  3. aigooooo soo cuteee daaaa the tail XDDD i love it

  4. Really this place is eating my comments. Anyways I love ur chicken! I so envy it. I'm still trying to make even just the blob head of a rabbit bit it still comes out discombobulated. I hate it. then after a few hours my fingers starts to cramp. OOOOhhhhhh I dont know how you do it! But I wont stop! I will keep on trying until my fingers cannot move no more!!!!!

  5. w0w... aigoo i really don't know how to do this stuff T_T

  6. @wedschilde...i was making him when u called. XD


    @espressoluv...begging for a kiss, ay? XD u should give him a kiss then. *grins*


    @yufen18...aww...hehe~ so, did u make anything new, dear? i would like to see them. ^^

    @4gtnangel...yeah, i dunno why the blog does that. a lot couldn't post comments. >.< my hands get cramps too. XD hwaiting!

    @toshi19...i dunno either. XD