Thursday, April 7, 2011

Crochet Se7en

This was a special request from Reece Unnie. :D Um...I'm not sure if it resembles him. XD Hope you still like. Hehe~ His hair was a tough one. (Click on pics to see them bigger.)

Picture reference.

Front view. So hard to choose which outfit to make, so I decided on the 'Better Together' one. ^^

Right view.

Left view.

Back view. Black all around. LOL


  1. His clothes are so se7en.
    very cute!

  2. oh my god he's so cute! you rocked the Se7en! :::CHEERS::::

  3. handsome se7en is hansem. the blush on his cheeks is so adorable~ *smooches umma* now it's only yeorim who ish missing. :DD

  4. @joy_twinz...^__^


    @espressoluv...u don't give me rest, do u? XD after sun joon, u wanted geol oh. now...yeo rim. what do i do with all the dolls? they ish taking over my closet. time to sell. lol

  5. OMG! He is soooo cute!!