Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crochet Meatballhead

I created this doll out of my imagination for Auntie Wong's birthday, because I didn't know what to get her. XD I really hope she would like this. (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. Her bangs were a challenge to cut. Hehe~

Left. I know...her gown is of the odd. Well, that's what happens when it comes from my complicated head. LOL! I was tempted to add the pedals on the bottom as well, but I changed my mind considering that it would look too busy. =P

Right. I really love how the ribbons on her hair are hanging down. :D

Top. Those two buns on her hair took forever to tie. That's why I'm showing them off. *grins*

Side. Sophisticated, ay? Give her an umbrella and she would look like a fair lady. :D

Sitting. I wanted to show her black shoes. She actually has pink shorts on underneath, but she's too shy to let me show them to you. She is a girl after all. *laughs*



  1. wow, kaima's mom's birthday?
    hehe, she's so lang lui. luv her purple dress and her buns are so cute. her hairstyle is called meatballhead? omnomnom~ XD i luv those ribbon braids hanging down her hair too. so cute. :DD awesome job, umma. *huggles* ♥

  2. @baby...yup, meatballhead ish referring to her hair. XD *smoochies*