Monday, August 15, 2011

Crochet 'Dirty Kiss' Cole Kenjiro McGinnis

This is the main character in Rhys Ford's book 'Dirty Kiss'. :D I hope I did this gorgeous boy justice. *grins* (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. His hair should be a bit longer, I think. But, oh well. Hehe~

Right. Perhaps, his inner shirt should have been green or orange. I dunno. XD

Left. I decided to keep his boots bare without any buckles.

Back. I really like the color of his pants. ^__^

You could purchase Rhys Ford's book, "Dirty Kiss" at the following sites: has it on paperback...HERE. Kindle Edition...HERE.
Dreamspinner Press...HERE.
You could find out more about the amazing author HERE.


  1. Oh sweetheart that's fantastic. Cole is gorgeous. ::::grins:::: heh. you are so talented!

  2. Think he looks cuter than's just me...hee (•^__^•)

  3. @unnie...i'm so glad u likey. *grins* i shall give them to u when i see you. :D

    @kaimoo...oh, no! jae won't be happy about this. XD

  4. wow, cole is so cool. :D i so luv the colors u chose for his hair and outfit. berry nice. <333 *smooches umma*

  5. @espressoluv...*smoochies* <33333