Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crochet 'Dirty Kiss' Kim JaeMin

I still need to do some finishing touches on Cole, so I'll post up JaeMin first. :D I modeled him after Jaejoong's press conference look. *grins* (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. His hair sure took awhile to cut. *flails*

Yup. Ripped jeans. :D

Left. I used gray instead of black for the boots' laces to make them more visible. ^^


Closeup on the pants so that you could see the rips. Hehe~


You could purchase Rhys Ford's book, "Dirty Kiss" at the following sites: has it on paperback...HERE. Kindle Edition...HERE.
Dreamspinner Press...HERE.
You could find out more about the amazing author HERE.


  1. So cute!! BTW, good luck unnie!! I've voted and will continue to vote fro you!!

  2. @chloe1910...aww...thanx, chloebear. :D *smoochies*

  3. he is just SO adorable. and yes, i am voting like mad! CRAZY MAD! you do so good :D

  4. @unnie...aww...i luv u so much unnie-yah. my chances of winning are low, but at least i got my dolls some tv time. hehe~ *smoochies*

  5. i love the pants and the shoes xD

    HAPPIE best B'DEI for you onnie *glomps*
    wish onnie luck in all *smuchies*

  6. @kutea...aww...thanx so much, sweetie. *smoochies*

  7. awwww. gorgeous jaemin ish gorgeous. dark-haired jae is always pweety. hehe~ ;D and OMG, those ripped jeans. that was so smexy me likes a lot. 8D great job, umma. miss chu♥ hope u're doing well. -3-

    btw just so u know, i vote for ur dollies everyday too. ^^ hope u win. *huggles*

  8. @espressoluv...u ish umma biased. XD thanx, baby. ilu to zee choikang. *smoochies*