Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crochet SKKS' Moon Jae Shin version 2

Here's your Geol Oh, Reece unnie. Hope you likey. :D (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Picture reference.

Front. Aish! My camera is fail. There's a bow on his inner shirt, but it's not visible. *flails*

Right. I think this outfit suits him better than the other one I made. Very Geol Oh-ish. Hehe~

Left. Again, he needs a sword. *grins*

Back. His hair looks like a brush. LOL!



  1. haha, his hair is like woah! O.O

  2. oh god he is so adorable. :::squishes::::

    smooches. i owe you EVERYTHING.

  3. wow, the last pic. his hurr is epic win. XD i heart both version but this one looks more like our charming geol oh, with his hair tied up. :DD *massages ur fingers* ♥~

  4. Agree with chloe, his hair is just wow. Looks so much like Geol-oh with that hair. Kkk.

  5. @chloe1910...yup, his hair took a long time to tackle. i wanted to make it look as close to the real thing as possible. =P

    @unnie...*smoochies* :D

    @espressoluv...ikr? XD i like this one's hair more 2. fingers needed that. *smoochies*