Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crochet 'Carrie Cakeaway' Pastry Maker

I designed this one specifically for my cousin, the amazing pastry maker. It's a Christmas gift. Ah...I hope she likes it. :D (Click on pick to see it bigger.) This is her blog: Carrie Cakeaway.

Front. Yup, it's Carrie sitting on a strawberry icing cupcake.

Left. Her black boots with the purple trimmings blended into her short dress. >_< She's actually wearing black shorts and her legs are bare. *blames camera fail* XD

Right. The apron was supposed to look like a strawberry to match the cupcake but kinda looks more like a watermelon. LOL!

Back. She's very top heavy and keeps tipping backwards so I had to use my wrist brace to level her. Hehe...she's gonna have to be in a display case.

Side. She looks cute at this angle. ;)

Top. So blurry...