Monday, December 12, 2011

Crochet KARA 'Kuki Six' Nicole

This was a personal request from my brother for Christmas. :D She was quite a challenge to make, but I'm really happy with the result. Hehe... (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Modeled after these two pics blended together.

Front. Those polka dots on her apron took forever to stitch and I'm proud of myself for attempting. XD I threw in a blue icing cupcake with whip cream that I made months ago to pose with her. She is a baker after all.

Left. Her light green shoes are hard to see. Sorry for the camera fail.

Right. I changed her sleeves a bit, but I'm delighted with the outcome of her outfit. *cheers*

Back. A lot of thought went into how to get her hair to look like the original. Quite an accomplishment, ay. XD

Top. She looks so cute at this angle, I couldn't resist taking a pic. ^__^