Saturday, October 29, 2011

Crochet 'Elizabeth Musical' Tod-Junsu

Once I saw that picture last night, I knew I had to make the doll. XD (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Modeled after this photo.

I had a lot of fun with his hair. :D

Right. His entire 3-piece outfit is black along with his boots, so it's kind of hard to see the details through the camera. >.< Well, he is acting as Death after all. Hehe~

Left. His bracelets blended into his wrists and looked like they were part of his jacket. XD


Playing around with my photoshop. XD


  1. dundundun~ gorgeous su-death. *-* :DDD oh i luv his hair. the two different colors are so obvious. ♥ cool outfit & bracelet too. ;D umma, ur crochet skills nebur phail to amaze me. *huggles* ♥

  2. hehe, I guess, it's Death!Junsu and I'm right ^^ Junsu is really hot as Death.

  3. @baby...XD his hair was fun to make. :D *smoochies*

    @chloebear...hehe~ oh, he is. ^__^