Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crochet 'Huntress'

I wanted to make Jenn something for Christmas and after some thought, I decided on this. Believe it or not, I just found out her name minutes ago through internet search. XD I hope you likey. :D (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Modeled after this drawing by BoybluesDCU provided by wedschile.

Front. I didn't have the exact colors of yarn, so I had to compromise. ^__^

Left. Her hair was quite a challenge to tackle. Although it lacked waves, I gave her a layered haircut to add some bounce. I tried. =P




  1. *looks at the first piccie & then looks at the dollie* OMG, epic win. :DD

    hehe, i thought she's an anime character at first before i saw the model pic. XD the purple and blue are so pretty. the mask is humongous. 8D great job, umma. wae u so ossum? *smooches* <33

  2. That long number is from Me. Thank you, sweetie. OMG <3

  3. you rock. ::::Grins:::: she is adorable!

  4. @baby...exaggeration much? XD the mask was a challenge. :D u ish ossum 2. ilu. -3-

    @sanguinepen...yay! i'm so glad u likey. i shall send to u soon. :D

    @missvue09...thanx, honey. ^^