Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Crochet 'In Heaven' Yoochun

I've been wanting to make this for a long time, but my tortured wrist just wouldn't allow it. Well...whatever...I fought the pain. XD (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Modeled after this. :D

I had so much fun with his hair. It's not Chun without his gorgeous forehead, right? Haha~

Left. He's actually wearing boots, but they blended in with his black pants. *flails*

Right. His hair looks nice at this angle. *__*

Back. My wrist sure took a beating from all that stitching on his head. =P


  1. wow, chunnie looks so macho from behind. XD cute hair is CUTE. hehe~ and did i tell u me likes his sparkly forehead? XD

    umma needs to rest zee painful wrist now. D: *huggles* <333

  2. he's beautiful....and YOU REST YOUR WRIST!

  3. @baby...oh, really? XD who doesn't luv his sparkly forehead? haha~

    @unnie...:D yes, ma'am.

  4. Chunnie looks pabo pabo pabo muah hahah *sticks tongue out*
    can't wait for the other two, there'll be, rite? ^^

  5. @kutea...LOL! when my wrist gets better and i have more time...i'll try. :D

  6. Lol. Yeah, Yoochun wouldn't be Yoochun without his wide forehead.

  7. If you ever decide to make In Heaven Junsu and In Heaven Jaejoong, you can pose JYJ like that one photo of them lying on the floor for In Heaven. :D