Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crochet 'Heaven's Postman' Jaejoong

I personally love this movie and having Jaejoong in it was a major plus. :D I've been meaning to make this doll for awhile, and I finally got to it. I'm happy with the results. *blushes* This one is for Reece unnie. Hope you likey. (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Pic reference.

Center. His hair took a long time to cut. XD *flails* His outfit was an interesting journey for me as well.

Right. I tried to make his bag as close as the real thing. Hmm...can't really see it in this pic. I'll retake later. *grins*

Left. Aigoo...his hair is covering his left eye. =P


Sitting...for better view of the bottom of his shoes. They came out nice. :D


  1. these r nice... ^^

  2. What the...How did I miss this post?!
    His shoes are so cute! Thanks for sharing!
    I'm very excited for you to have most of your crochet work posted on other sites. Congrats!

  3. it is adorable! so so so cute.

    love you.


  4. OMG. postman jae. i luv the movie. *o* his outfit is wonderful & his tiny lil shoes are super kawaii. :D omg, and the bag. u made his bag. XD it so cute. i luv it~ i shall put yunho's picture and some nyummy goodies in it for him. keke~

    and the two fluffy ball hanging around his neck are so cute. :D great job, umma. postman jae ish luv. :D *hugskiss* ♥♥♥

  5. @missvue09...i dunno. XD thanx, dear.

    @wedschilde...i'm glad u likey. :D *smoochies unnie*

    @espressoluv...i luv the movie, too. i've stared at jae...i mean...*grins*...watched it many times. hehe~ zee 2 fluffy balls are feathers. phailage at making everything out of yarn. lol *smoochies*