Monday, May 23, 2011

Crochet 'Mirotic' Yoochun

This is for Hoshi's birthday. She wanted either a 'Mirotic' or 'Balloon' Chunnie. As you could see, I made this one. :D Hope you like it. ^^ This took ~9 hours to accomplish. *flails* (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Center. (Aigoo...his black outfit blended into the background. *twitch*)

(Retaken for a better view of his outfit. *grins*) His blue ruffled top took a lot of thinking before I figured out how I wanted to make it. Haha~

Left. (I'm happy with how his hair turned out. ^__^)



No more crochets until the bruises on my fingers go away. I shall write in the meantime. :D


  1. It looks like you made two, b/c the first, third, and last photo looks like the blue is a bright light blue and then in the second and fourth photos, it looks like the blue is a grayish blue. It must be the lighting then.

    It is adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing. You should rest your hands and fingers.

  2. So kawaii! ^^ heh, I know I haven't answer your question unnie !!

  3. camera is fail. XD thanx, dear. ^^


  4. Kyaa this is so adorable!! Just love it!! congratulations you´r so talented!!

    Any chance that you sell them?

  5. @Nancy...thanx, dear. :D um, they take so long to would cost a fortune if I were to sell them. XD