Thursday, March 3, 2011

Recipients...of my crochet babies...

Here is the list of lovely darlings who are getting the following. I'll send them out when I have time to go to the post office. As for wife, I'll deliver them to you personally. ^__^ Hope you'll all enjoy them even if they are not perfect. I'm a beginner at this. XDDD

Ken's black bunneh. I nearly went blind from this one, because it was so dark. I couldn't see the stitches. LOL Lookie...he already posted it up on his BLOG.

Miky's naked gray bunneh...because she's going to make felt clothes for him herself. XD

Unnie's lavender bunneh *cough-her-amazing-YooSu-book-cough* wearing a white removable apron. ;)

Ren's black bunneh with pearl button eyes. Funky looking. Haha~ The red apron is removable. The darkness of the yarn is blinding once again. *ish old*

PeachesOOa's blue bunneh. I've upgraded u from the ugly blob bunneh to this one. *grins* Hope you'll luv him just as much.

In case anyone is wondering...they do have tails. :D

Chloe's Jae elephant.

Baby Sal's Su duck. ^^

Purple headband blob bunneh: mine :D
Plain: kept for sample
Red flower: catzchii
Blue flower: Miky
Double bows: asuka2507

Lavender: Ren
Pink: Miky
Red: Nana, Miky, Alyssa, ryana14, Baby Sal, ting5, kattan69, unnie...(I think I forgot a few. Need to check my mailing list. *flails*)

Note: Those who didn't get one, I'm sorry. I'm exhausted from making so fast. Plus, I don't have any extra kaching to send them to all...since lots of you are international. =P Hope you understand. Crochet is a mere distraction from my writing. I'm happy to see so many of you enjoying what I've posted up, especially since I'm a beginner at non-scarves/bags. XD Maybe, when I get better at this...I would think about selling them. *grins*

"Bun(nies) Bong Shin Ki" ftw! Hehehe~


  1. ahhhh! so cute!!! now I'm gonna try harder. I want to make my own set tooo!!!!

  2. sooo kawaii! "Bun(nies) Bong Shin Ki" ftw!

  3. @4gtnangel...hwaiting, dear! u could do it! :D


  4. awesome umma is awesome. *gives chu virtual massage* all these are SO super cute. just looking at them (and the rest of ur crochet babies make me happyyy~) nomnom at the juicy ichigos. :D thanx for zee su-duck, umma. *smooches* ilu. ♥

  5. oh these are so cute. thank you baby! ::::hugs::::

  6. @espressoluv...hehe~ i won't send urs until way later, okay? ^^

    @wedschilde...u're welcome, unnie. :D *huggles*

  7. they r all sooooooooooooooo cute!!! n ur fics r not a phail k..they are fantastic..ive always enjoyed reading them n will continue to enjoy reading them n hoping u will continue writing them :) :) *hugs*

  8. kyaaa kawaii bunny will make one toooo ~~~ hun pleasee give the link for bunnie with all body pattern nee i lose it TT___TT

  9. They are so cute--hehe and you're awesome


  10. @jaechun07...aww...hehe~ *huggles*

    @yufen18... it's in spanish, so u need a translator to convert it. hers doesn't have a tail. i added it myself. XD also the link is on my bunny-duck post. just click on my top header to take u to my full blog and scroll down. :D

    ting5...i need to go get shipping envelopes. *grins*

  11. arigatoo ~~~~~ hun ~~~~

  12. @yufen18...u r very welcome, hun. ^^

  13. happy lavender bunneh!

  14. @wedschilde...i hope u'll like it. hehe~


  16. oh my the elephant is effing cute *squeals*
    wish i could have one *dreamy*

  17. @delias-miso...*grins*


    @kutea...yikes! haha~ i don't have a pattern for that one. dunno how to make another one. i just made it up for chloe. XD