Friday, March 18, 2011

Crochet SKKS' Moon Jae Shin

Here's our beloved Geol Oh, Moon Jae Shin. This one is specially dedicated to wedschilde and espressoluv...because they both like Moon Jae Shin as much as I do. *grins* (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. I removed his button eyes and redid them to match everyone else. Now, I'm content. :D

Right. His belt blended into his vest along with his hair. XD

Left view. He needs a sword. *grins*


  1. OMG! So cute!

    Why did you redo LSJ crochet? I think it looks absolutely ok.

  2. why are you doing this to me? you KNOW i have a love for that character. oh my god it is adorable!

  3. I wanna squish this!
    sooo cute!

  4. sorry, i was wrong before...
    u r not became better n better..
    gosh, dearie, this just like a pro... great job!!!!!

  5. @chloe1910...i accidentally added too much hair and couldn't bun it. XDDD *flails*

    @wedschilde...i do, too. :D i think he needs a sword. *winks.

    @joy_twinz...*squish away* ^^

    @one-nee...oh,'m definitely not a pro. i just started this last month. XD

  6. wow, MOON JAE SHIN~ rawr. :DDD~ he looks so emo with the gorgeous hair. XD zee black tresses sure look difficult to tackle. D; btw, he doesn't have eyes?

    hehe. i shall wait to see his sword... or maybe a bow and an arrow. :D thanx, umma, for dedicating zee scruffy geol oh to me and Reece unnie. luvluvluv this. *smooches* ilu. how ish u? imu~ take care. ttys. ♥

  7. @espressoluv...XD um...zee 2 buttons are his eyes. lol imu+lu2. *smoochies*

  8. oh, oh. i have to squint to notice his dark button eyes. XD hehe, they are the same color as his hurr.