Friday, March 18, 2011

Crochet Evisu Yunho

Oh, my...his hair was so hard to tackle. First, I had to tie every strand on. Then, I had to cut them. I'm seriously not meant to be a hairdresser. XD (Click on pic to see it bigger.)


Right view.

Left view.

Back. Okay, his hair is wild in the back. Hehe...I really need to write. Need to rest my fingers from crochet for a short while. :D


  1. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... so kawaii... can u make me one? pleaaaseee..... *pleads on her knees*

  2. wow, I've seen all your crochet works now & they're so good and cute!!!! You should totally sell them, I would buy them all :)

  3. oh god he is sooooooo cute. :::whimpers::: but alas, poor yunho. no jaejoong. ::ducks::: heh.

  4. @anyajulia...yikes! it's a one of a kind. i don't think i'll make another one. XD

    @shigai...oh, wow. my darling artist is here. ^^

    @joy_twinz...thanx, dear. :D


    @wedschilde...oh, wow...unnie is using a special code. XD there will be a jae for yunnie. :D need to figure out how to do his eyes. XD

  5. Hehe cute--now it seems like something is missing beside him /winks

  6. so cute!! but like wat reece unnie say, alas no jaejoong >.<

  7. @ting5...yes, i need some planning for his gorgeous companion. ^^

    @chloe1910...i'm trying to figure out what kinda eyes our beautiful blond should have. that's why he's last on the list. i want him to be stunning. hehe~

  8. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGG! MY FAVORITE!! Hahahah his hair looks like a chilly bowl!~! <3

  9. msdjhfbjhsdfbig THIS IS BEYOND CUTE!!! OMG!!! u are so talented! :D it really looks like our yunnie from an evisu shoot. :D awesome! ^^

  10. @delias-miso...yup, a bowl-cut. XD it took so long to cut it like that. i'm a terrible hairdresser. lol

    @steorie...hehe...thanx, dear. ur drawing is gorgeous as well. ^^

  11. crochet evisu hoho~ luv the red jacket and zee blue shirt underneath it. ^^

    oh yes, mi umma ish so meant to be a hairdresser. his bowl/mushroom-cut hair looks soooo cute. *combs* i luv skks chunnie too. :D