Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crochet Xiahzart

Yes, after making Lee Sun Joon...I wanted another challenge. What better than to make one of my favorites...Junsu as Mozart aka Xiahzart? Oh, gosh! I'm actually very happy with how this one came out. Again, I created the pattern myself. Hehe~

His hair took over 3 hours to attach. OMG! I had to tie them on one yarn at a time. *flails* In case you were wondering, yes, his ears were covered by his tresses. XD

Front view. His outfit was a tough one to handle, especially his pants and trench coat.

Oops...I forgot to take a pic of his back view. I actually added stitches where his rear was in order to enhance it. XDDD It wouldn't be our adorable Susu without his ducky assets, right? LOL


  1. This is my most favorite of all crochets you made.. I love Xiahzart. This is amazing bb.^^

  2. ksjghalkdjghakldjhglkadjhglkadjhglakjh!! OMG!! So precious!!! It's really gorgeous!!!
    I want!!! *get bricked*

  3. omg!!! this is just awesome!!
    I'm even willing to pay for this!!

  4. OMG hun ~~~~ i love this one more than lee sun joon

    I LOVE THE HAIR is sooo fantasticccc ~~~~ pleasee share me the pattern nee i want make one tooo ~~~~ if can give me both XDDD

  5. ahh ps : i never like make a doll but for this one i willing making it XDDDD

  6. WOW! You are very talented!

  7. okay that is the BEST thing i have ever seen

  8. This is seriously good......^_^

  9. oh, bb... this one is really good!!! i really think u r getting better n better evrytime!
    oh, i hope junsu can see this, he must be happy coz someone put such an effort n hard work for him..
    2 thumbs up for u dearie d^0^b

  10. OMG WOW. umma, this is seriously ur best-est creation ebur and i'm not ebun joking. *_______________* ur crochet xiahzart is so precious. gotta luv those dreadlocks and cute smiling eyes. :D

    *kisu* -3-

  11. cuteeeeee

    i want oneeeeee. just omg. u really are talented. how do u do them...
    kyaaaaaaaaaaa. susu is sooooooooo adorable here

  12. OMG I want it *cries*
    So amazing *____*

  13. Wow I cannot imagine how hard it was to get the hair done--but it really resembles Xiahzart =D

    Hehe I would love to see the backside /winks

  14. @joy_twinz...thanx, dear. hehe~

    @chloe1910...*block bricks* :D's really saying something. but he took so long to make, he's priceless to me. XD

    @yufen18...i don't really have a pattern for this...just numbers only i understand. please don't make me write it out like the real patterns, since i'm still not good with the crochet language. that would make my brain blow a fuse. lol his hair is a separate crochet circle similar to his head which i attached and then tie yarn on each stitch. i made that up myself. XD as for the clothing...i made them all up by sizing them to the individual dolls. haha~


    @wedschilde...hehe~ i'm happy with him. his hair was a trial turned good. :D

    @jacinthe86...thanx! :D

    @one-nee...aww...i hope so. :D it tweeted su the pic, but i doubt that he would look at it. XD

    @espressoluv...i'm surprised at myself, too. XD my bro was that's saying a lot. hehe~

    @xiahniste...i just played around with my imagination. ^^

    @leelath...thanx, dearie. :D

    @ting_yjysm...his hair took forever...but the outcome was worth the trouble. :D his pants covered up his buns. hehe~

  15. just gimmie the number to start and when i must replay it and how much row to around ne i can undestand that for the head and the body for clocth i think i can make it XDD pleaseeeeee

    if u start with 6 sts ~~ soo what row u make it and what time to replay the row just that i need it to know

  16. don't have time to type it up. >.<

    the head is practically the same as the bunny's...just make an extra row so it go down to 10 (to make neck smaller). then 1, 1up (15)...3, 1up (18)...stay 18 until ur desired length of body...1, 1dec (12)...dec in every.

    the arms...4, 2up (6),stay 6 to desire length (make 2) then attach.

    legs...5, 10, 2up...2 (15), 15, 2...1dec (12), 1...1dec (8), stay 8 until desired length (make 2) then attach.

    just be creative, dear. don't have to be the same as mine. lol

  17. OMFG this is really the most creative~ how can u... awesomeness never stops *wide-eyes*

    eonnie, can u make an Elle Joongie *winks* ^^

  18. wahhh thanks youuu so much ^^ coz all i see ur head soo small one than i made one neee heheheh

    yesss my xiahzart waiting for mee ~~~~ iam comming lol

  19. @kutea...i will be making the showcase jeje.

    @yufen18...i made it up. i'm sure u could, too. no need to follow mine. just be creative. ^^

  20. this is so cute!! is amazing!! really *A*!!
    I'm just learning how to do this, but I'd love to be able to make something as beautiful as this :DD
    I think I'm in love with crochet xiahxart *O* xD

  21. @yuri-ogawa...aww...thanx, dear. ^^