Friday, March 30, 2012

Evolution of Xiahzart. XD

Look at how many I've made and how they gradually changed. (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

#1 Yup, this is the one that started it all. LOL! I've made alterations since then. :D

#1G This one is for Baby. Since she loves green, I made her the green version. *grins* He'll be sent to you once you return home. ^^

#2 This one is for Miky. The trench coat is extra long. ^^ Hope you like. :D

#3 This one is for Chloebear. ^^ He'll be sent to the other side of the world.

#4 This one is for Reece unnie. Hope you're okay with the lighter hair. The darker brown could no longer be found in stores. Only the near-black brown or this one. I like this one more. All the older Xiahzarts' hair were from leftover yarn I saved from my 'tissue box holders' stash which I made years ago. LOL!

#5 You could kiss and hug him all you want, Bi. He's all yours, baby. :D His jacket came out so naisu. Hehe~

#6 Commissioned by Kuro. Thanx, darling. Hope you likey. :D

#7 Made for Rhys Ford's "Dirty Kiss" Giveaway. Congrats to kamo_comon. ^^

#8 Made to order for Reece unnie. ^^ Thanx. *smoochies*

#9 Commissioned by Reece. Doll is now reserved for Lou. :D Thanks so much for the love. <3 Enjoy.

#10 This was originally made for the 'ICN Great Ideas' Contest. I changed his pants to the ripped jeans with chain version. He has been on TV and he's mine. :D

#11 Sold to a customer on

#12 This one is a Christmas present for someone special. He is the first one with a darker blue yarn. :D Hope you like it Ting. ^^

#13 Currently on sale at my Etsy.

#2G Currently on sale at my Etsy.


  1. I've always love your Xiahzart. I really love mine and keep showing it off to everyone, hahaha!

  2. cute~
    my favourite

  3. the title made me lolol. XD *glomps*
    xiahzartz~ all of them are SO preciousu. and i luv mine to zee max. ;__; thanx for making one for meh. poor umma fingers. >.< *kisu* ilu and imu. ♥

  4. @chloe1910...oh, my...hehehe~


    @espressoluv...ah, i have succeeded. *grins* he's still waiting for chu. XD *smoochies* ilu+imu2~