Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crochet Jeje Lioness

This is an original doll made from my own imagination. She's bigger in size than all the rest. (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. She has my baby Taco's eyes but in a different color. ^__^ I added the ruffle on her yellow sleeveless top to make it more dramatic. She really does look like a lion. :D

Sitting. I wanted to show the bottom of her paws, since they took a lot of work. XD

Side. Now, that's a LOT of hair. It took me 3 days to do, but I really like how it came out. *is proud of myself for pursuing my curiosity of splitting yarn*

Back. Yes, she has a yellow bow tied to her tail. Hehe...


  1. WAHHH. THE HAIR OMG. splitting yarn ftw. XD it just made her hair all the more epic. (they look a bit like ramen? XD) hehe. ur jeje lioness is so cute, umma. pretty blue eyes.. :D and i luv her kitty ears and the bow~

    *huggles umma* miss u so mucho. i had been sick for the past few days. and my knee hurts. ;__; and what's with all these sasaengs news. URGH. poor dbsk/jyj. T_______T but on a happier note, i ish gonna go send ur stuff at the post office tomoro. ^^ hope u get it soon. kaima's stuff will be in ur package as well.

    lub chu, umma~ talkie soon. *smooches* <3

  2. @baby...haha...zee hair indeed lookie like ramen. nom nom...

    aigoo...wae ish u sick again, u poor baby? get well soon and take care of ur knee. *smoochies* don't go to the post office if ur knee hurts. lub chu berry muchie. <33333

  3. Jeje as in Jaejoongie or you just name her Jeje in random? hehehe.... So cute abnd really pretty.

  4. @chloe...i randomly named her jeje. XD