Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crochet Taeyang (Special Order)

Another special order for a commission. ^^ (Click pic to see it bigger.)

Front. This pose makes him look so tough. XD

Right. His pants have so many layers, it took a long time to make. Hehe...

Left. I purposely lifted his sleeveless top up to show the undies which turned out looking like part of his pants. LOL!

Up. There's a 'B' stitched on his undies.

Top. Cute angle. :D


Request that a red bandanna be here it is. Now, he looks like a sushi chef. XD


  1. LOL at the B on his undies, ^.~ So cute!

  2. he does NOT look like a sushi chef. heh.... he's adorably sweet. and oh so tough :D

  3. hehe. tough taeyang has a cute side, too. *points at top angle* so adorable. ^^ and i totally luv the last pic. :Db

    his outfit looks really complicated. @_@ the 'B' on his undies is win. XD

    *tacklehugs umma* -3-

  4. @chloe...hehe~


    @baby...*grins* it was indeed complicated. i have no idea what i did. LOL! yay for undies. XD *smoochies*