Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crochet 'Heartbreaker' G-Dragon (Special Order)

This was a special request. (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. I was contemplating whether to make his hair white or light yellow. I'm happy with my choice.

Left. He's actually wearing a white tank-top, a black jacket that's mostly sleeves and a black necklace. But, my camera has failed to capture any of it and made it look like a one-piece top.

Right. Because of the apple, his black jacket is now stuck. XD There are actually a lot of black, detailed stitching on his pants, but his tank-top covered them.

Sit. I took this to show that his pants have a black stripe going along the inside just like the outside. But...um...hmm...barely visible.

Side. Why? Because he looks cute this way. LOL!

Back. See? The black jacket is one sleeve stretching to the other. Haha~

#1-3 The order for 3 are done. ^__^V


  1. 'heartbreaker' GD ish stunning! ;D his hair is even whiter than his face. i luv his outit~ especially his jacket and necklace. :D

    *steals his apple* om nom nom~

    great job, umma. ^^ *smooches* ❤

  2. @baby...yup, his hair is whiter indeed. :D *sends apples* lub chu~ *kisu*

  3. So cute! I especially love the little apple he's holding. Must be damn hard to crochet. You are really talented, unnie yah.

  4. ::::grins::: he is so adorable. oh god she's going to love him.

  5. @ chloe...the apple wasn't too hard. :D *smoochies*


  6. Ohhhhh my goodness!! This is SO cute! Knew who he was instantly. =) You did such a great job on him!

    1. @AsianStyleAmericanLife...aww...thanx so much, dear. :D