Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crochet 'Balloon' Bunny Yoochun

Here he is! :D (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. Okay, he looks more like a little alien rather than a bunneh. XD

Left. I decided to cut his bangs straight for added cuteness. What do you think? Cute? =P

Right. His outfit took awhile to make, especially the fluffy white outline around his hoodie. I had to tie and cut each strand one by one. Took forever.

Side. I replaced his bunny puppet with a paw instead. *grins* You could see the hoodie better from this view.

Back. And of course, he has bunny ears and a tail (I forgot to shift his pants before taking the pic. His tail is slightly to a side. LOL!)

I'm bringing this one to the contest. :D


  1. i love this one!!!

    hey, you even get to breathe fresh air?
    i bet your time is all taken over by these cuties...
    i wish i had the creativity(and the diligence)you have.
    keep surprising everyone!

  2. oh he's adorable. ADORABLE. Very very squee worthy.

  3. @prettyyoosu...:D i need to finish 2 more before thursday, so no breathing for me this week. XD

    @unnie...hehe~ *squee*

  4. i swear if his ears were red, i possibly would think he was a devil ;P he always looks devil-ish anyways ;P

    wish you all the luck you need onnie *covers ur bed with clovers*
    and get some rest *huggles* xD

  5. @kutea...YIKES!!! XD thanx, dear. ^^ *hugs*