Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crochet 'SMM - Tarnished Angels' Se7en (Special Order)

Here is Minku's beloved Shichi. *grins* I didn't like the outfit he had on before, so I redid it. *grins* (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. I think he's happy with his new look. Actually, I am. XD

Right. He looks younger wearing this than the black suit. LOL!

Left. Why does he look like he's about to fall? Must be the illusion of the shadow behind him. Hehe~


With his 'failed' Hooligan hat. Sorry, I tried. Haha~

Side with hat.

Min7en! Isn't his giraffe tall? :D This makes me want to reread the book again. It's so good.

Original version.


  1. cute! ^_^v

  2. yakuza se7en ftw! XD he's so adorable. definitely looks older/more mature than zee minnie. ;D too bad i can't see the gray buttons on his shirt. but he's cute with the red tie. ^^ *huggles chu* ♥

  3. @espressoluv...yikes! XD i'm remaking his outfit. he doesn't match min and they have to match. haha~

  4. i love BOTH versions. :::nods::: they are adorable!

  5. tall giraffe ish tall~ se7en looks so cute and tiny. XD he's happy when he looks younger. see his smiling eyes. ;DD hehe. umma u're so creative with their outfits. me likey all of them. -3- *huggles*

  6. @unnie...*grins* the new version matches min more, but he looks younger. and boy, is he tiny next to that giraffe. XD

    @espressoluv...ikr? goodness. look at those long legs. hehe~ -3-

  7. Aww!!! Min7en is so adorable!

  8. so cute >w<
    Can I have one please? ;;)

    1. @_Verzeihen...hehe...thank u, dear. ^^