Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crochet 'So Much Mine' Jaejoong (Special Order)

I got a request for six dolls from wedspawn's 'So Much Mine' series. It's the best collection of stories ever, especially 'Tarnished Angels'. :D Jaejoong will be the first...followed by Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, Se7en and Changmin (not in this particular order XD). (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. I think the cross is a bit big...looks kinda like a tie. XD Then again, the first one I made was too small, I had to toss it. *flails*

With red beanie. Okay, now...eyes are really covered by hair. LOL!

Right. My dad asked me where are his eyes. Um...they are covered by his bangs. That's like Jaejoong's trademark hair style. He wants me to make his eyes darker. *lips quiver* No, I refuse to do that. LOL *hides 4ever*

Left. This pic came out naisu. ^__^

Back. Yup, a hoodie. *grins*

Side view. I wanted to show his boot buckles. *grins* I know his hoodie is a bit clean, but...oh well...

Other side with beanie.


  1. @unnie...*grins*

    @jhyjfan...thanx, dear. ^^

  2. wow. jae's red beanie is very striking. it reminds me of 3hree voices 1 when he was at white horse. so gorgeous. :D~ luv the cute hoodie and oh, his necklace-slash-tie. XDD whai ish u so cute, umma? *squishie-hugs* ilu~

  3. @espressoluv...yup, unnie wanted it red. XD i was originally gonna make it gray, but it turned out to be a nice contrast to his outfit. ^^ ilu2~

  4. even in doll, he still looks fashionable *nosebleeds*
    that cross necklace, that chain, that red hat~ just great xD

  5. @kutea...he's not jae if he doesn't have his bling. XD

  6. absolutely *thumb up* ;)