Friday, June 24, 2011

Crochet 'Balloon' Tiger Yunho

Finally, Tiger-Yunho is here! I really hope you like it, Miky. Making it almost ended my life. XD (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. This doll made the record...for it took me the longest to accomplish out of all my dolls so far (started before 9am and finished at around 10:30 pm. Oh, my gosh! My arm and wrist hurts so badly now. Yes, I have 2 salonpas on my arm atm. Me and my old age. XD

Top. For better view of his tiger headband. :D

Left. He looks so tough. *rawr*

Right. I made his stuff animal hand into a paw instead. Hehe~

Back. Yes, there is a bow on his tail. LOL! It's hard to see in the pic.


I think I'll be using him at the contest as well. *grins*


  1. OOOHHH! I want YUNJAE!!! I have to wait for you to open it up. and just in case its 4gtnangel from LJ here. Did I mention i'm still wondering how you still have all your fingers with you coz I think I just lost mine. And i still cant even make Joongie bunny!

  2. Yayyyyyy at the last pic! We got balloons-YJ <3333 They're sooooooooooo lovely, as always! ^o^

  3. oh god, see? i've overworked you! :::hugs::: :::tucks you in::: they are adorable!

  4. *smuchies your arms* rest rest onnie xD

    how can I find YunYun is cuter than Jeje *gets smacked by Jae umma: I'm always the best, got it?!*
    Yunnie lokks...erm, neat? and sport-ish xD

    anw, YunJae FTW *shouts out*

  5. @4gtnangel...hi, sweetie. hey, no gain. right? *smoochies* hwaiting!!! i want to see ur joongie bunny. ^^

    @uverjaeho...yay! hehe~

    @unnie...u did no such thing. it's my own love for them. :D *smoochies*

    @kutea...goodness. LOL! yunjae ftw~

  6. aw, i luv his cute tiger-head band. cutie leader ho, wae so kawaii? i'm sure kaima will likey him. he's awesome. *-* his lil paws and green bow are so cute too. XD last pic~ yunjae ftw. :DDD aigoo umma, hope ur arms and wrists feel better soon. *ish worried* >__> D; *gives chu full body massages* take care ne. *muax* ♥

  7. @espressoluv...i hope so. my fingers actually broke skin for this doll. XD no worries. i have salonpas. :D i still have 2 more dolls to make by this thurs. *pretends there is no pain...pretends*

  8. OMO... Crochet-Tiger-Yunnie is sooooooo cute that I wanna eat it. *got kicked by Swallow*