Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crochet 'Balloon' Deer Changmin

Finally, Min-deer is here. Now, the group is complete. :D (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

All 5 members were modeled from this MV. :D

Front. I made his jacket the wrong color last night, so I had to redo the whole thing this morning. *blames terrible headache* >.<

Right. Aigoo...the '2' on his jacket is being covered by the strap of his backpack.

Left. His antlers were quite a challenge to make. XD

Back. The yellow backpack actually has white polka dots, but my camera fails me. *pouts*

Side. Yup, black paws.

'Balloon' DBSK! ^^


  1. i love him most xD maybe becuz i like long hair, so he looks perfect in my eyes xD

    haiz~ really want one *grabs 5 and runs*

  2. ooh, the first pic... mindeer looks kinda hungreh? *feeds him* XD his eyes are so cute though. makes him look yai yai. great job on the outfit umma. :D *smooches* can i steal his lil backpack? so cute. >.<

    imu so much~ i hardly get to talk to u on msn anymore. *sighs* different timezone suz. D'8 *huggles* ♥

  3. @kutea...except for su, all of them have long hair. XD

    @espressoluv...that's because, he IS hungreh. *eats chu* LOL! u like the backpack? XD aww...imu2. *smoochies*

  4. ChangMiiiiiiiiiiiin~!!!! He even has his backpack! T___T That's so cute!!! :D

  5. @sidmaron...yes, he does. :D thanx, vic. ^^