Monday, June 27, 2011

Crochet 'Balloon' Sheep Junsu

This one took longer than I thought. Hehe~ (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. I forgot the '10' I had to add it and retake the pics. *flails*

Right. His outfit took quite some time, but it was fun to make. :D

Left. At this angle, one of his pom-poms vanished...just like magic. XD

Top. For better view of his sheep ears. As you could see, I went with the pom-pom version.

Side. For better view of his backpack, hoodie paw and tail. ^__^

Back. Yup, tail. *grin*



  1. AWW, ZEE YOOSU ISH SHO ADORABLE. great job~ :DDD *huggles both* luv their fluffey ears and the cute outfit u designed for them. haha, bunneh chunnie looks like a gurl beside junsu with his hair and zee pinky-ness. ♥ XD good luck with the contest, umma. :D yoosu & yunjae are full of win. hwaiting in making mindeer as well. *massages ur fingers* >.< *smooches* ilu lots. ♥

  2. Okay you are crazy for even attempting this.... but damn you rock! ROCK! heh. YooSu is incredible. They just are. Rest your fingers! ::::Grins:::

  3. haha that's rite, he looks like he's stepping forward~ but that suits his lively atmosphere xD

    with that pinkie outfit, I'm sorry if you look like *coughs*bottom*coughs* Chunnie yah *eu kyang kyang*

    can't wait for Minnie xD

  4. @espressoluv...thanx, baby. :D *smoochies*

    @unnie...*grins & nods* yup, i ish NUTZ! XD