Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crochet 'SMM - Lavender Bunny' Yoochun (Special Order)

He's finally here! :D (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Front. That scarf took some time to design. *wipes sweat* Goodness, the white sweater looks like part of it, but it's not.

Right. The scarf makes him look so shy. Hehe~


Back. His scarf resembles a bow. LOL!

With hat. There's a fold at the edge and a pom-pom on top.

Without scarf for better view of his sweater. It sure took forever to make that fluffy white thing. It was harder to do than hair. XD


  1. he looks so shy! :::grins::: heh. LOVE his hair :::and that hat!

  2. @unnie...his fluffy sweater makes his head look so big and his arms are hidden. XD

  3. i love the hat!!!and yes, the scarf makes him look shy.

  4. Yoochunnie~ <3333

    Wae you are so good in making crochets???? T^T I wanna learn too~ *sniff*

  5. you must had given so much effort and patience to create this wonderful art. really3 love it <3<3<3

  6. @chloe1910...hehe~

    @mickey-yoshuu...go learn! :D actually, i've never really learned it. i just do it from my imagination and through trial & error. XD

    @syaa_mj...yup, it took a long time. haha~

  7. oh my so cute xD looks like he's smirking under that scarf hehe xD

  8. awwwww, the 2nd last piccie. *squeals* he looks REALLY shy with the hat and scarf covering half his face. so cute. :DDD luv chunnie and luv umma to zee choikang~ ♥ *muax*

  9. @kutea...that's because he is. hehe~

    @espressoluv...that's our chunnie. he's always hiding behind his scarf when it's winter. XD i smurf chu 2~ *smoochies*