Monday, June 6, 2011

Crochet 'Triangle' Jaejoong

Boy, this was a challenge. XD It was so hard figuring out what outfit he was wearing in the MV because it was flashing so fast. *flails* Anyways, I tried. *grins* (Click on pic to see it bigger.)

Picture reference.

Yup, he looks like a martial arts master. LOL! That black string hanging on his right arm is part of his outfit. I might need to retake a clearer pic later.

Right. His hair was so massive at the beginning. I had to tame it down. I'm happy with the way it looks now, compared to what it was before. Haha~

Left. Seriously, I think he would look good with a sword.

Back. Yeah, I love making his hair longer than it's supposed to be. Hey, it's a chibi doll after all.


  1. I really love his hair here. So luscious and long. Me likey very the muchy!!!

  2. omo, zee gorgeous long-haired jae ish out! :D *massages umma* he really kinda looks like a kungfu master in the front & the left angle pics. XD but i can see his hair clearly on the 2nd piccie. hehe. very nice. i luv his hair. :D wae are u so awesome? *smooches* -3-

  3. oh my god! gorgeous jj! omg! you have some good skills! keep it up!!

  4. also? don't you think of selling some of this? :D

  5. @chloe1910...*grins*

    @espressoluv...yup, kung fu jeje. hehehe~ u ish umma-biased. *smoochies*

    @*yume*...thanx, dear. they take so long to make, i'll charge a fortune...hence no one will buy. XD

  6. you know what??? one day those dolls will be "doll nap"

    aigoo cute hehehe... so jealous you can make those... T_T